Winter Chimney Sweep and Inspection Special $149

NFC Masonry and Chimney Sweep is offering a $149 Chimney Sweep/Cleaning and Inspection for our customers in Delaware, Montgomery and Chester Counties Philadelphia PA.  Call today to schedule your Appointment!  (610) 480-8373

The special includes our 19-point inspection which includes:

Hearth, Firebox/Grate, Facing, Damper, Smoke Chamber, Spark Screen Doors, Tools
Brickwork, Mortar, Flue Tiles, Flashing, Crown, Chimney Cover / Cap, Height
Wood Stove / Insert
Stove Pipe Condition, Stove Condition, Installation
Furnace / Water Heater
Smoke Pipe / Water Heater, Furnace Smoke Pipe

Offer Ends 12/15/12

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