Chimney Relining, Inspection, Repairs
Chimney cleaning is the process of removing loose soot and creosote from the firebox, smoke chamber, and chimney liner.  Without proper cleaning and maintenance the lining of a chimney can deteriorate over time.  Overheating and Excess moisture can result in failure of the lining. Once the liner is ruptured smoke and Carbon Monoxide can enter your home.  CO is a orderless gas that can be very dangerous even deadly.   Annual inspections are very important.

Q. When does a chimney need to be re-lined?

A. A chimney needs to be re-lined when the integrity of the existing chimney liner is breached.
Q. What causes a breach or rupture in a chimney liner?

A. There are many things that cause damage to the liner, age, settlement, poor construction, overheating (chimney fires, excess moisture – water damage, falling limbs, etc.
Q. How does water damage the chimney liner?

A. When water enters the chimney, it saturates the liner. As the seasons and temperatures change, the water trapped in the liner expands and contracts. Over time this destroys the integrity of the liner. A simple way to prevent water damage is to install a chimney cap. For more information on chimney caps, click here.

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Stone Fireplace Install
Dear NFC
"Thank you for installing the stone  fireplace in my home in Philadelphia.   It's absolutely gorgeous.  Looks great,  works great, gives off great heat! "
Barry S. 
Rittenhouse Square
Philadelphia PA
Stone Walkway Install 
"The paver stone walkway you installed is perfect.  Great Price, on time and on budget.  You will be the first call for my basement wine cellar!"
Stephen G. 
Gladwyne PA
Chimney Repair
"Thank you for repairing my chimney.  Other companies wanted thousands of dollars to re-line my chimney.  Just repairing the cap, mortar joints solved the problem."
Janet T
Lansdowne, PA
Stucco Installation
"We really love the stucco job.  Our entire home looks brand new.   Really amazing.  Your advice on the color was right again.  Great service, great price.  Thanks NFC!"
Gale and Dave
Radnor PA
Stone Veneer Facade
Dear Shane
"The veneer facade is awesome. Thanks for suggesting stone veneer vs. stone block. Fraction of the cost and looks just as good. I think this will improve our home's market value by a lot of money."
Dan F.
Media, PA
Retaining Wall - Pillars - Arches
Dear NFC
"You firm recently installed a retaining wall leading to my patio.  In addition they added 2 pillars and arch to match the stone patio and retaining wall around the pool area.   Just wanted to say thank you for being so professional.  Pricing was very competitive, design and install was top notch.  Do not think we could have done it without you.   High recommendations." 
Dr. G
Devon PA
Pointing - Motar Joint Repair
"Just wanted to let you know that your pointing work on our historic property was perfect."
Thacther P.  
Villanova, PA
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